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I just had a fantastic Christmas holiday with my family so I put aside my blog and the lingerie world for a moment, though I did receive five! Today I will be introducing a set by a brand I have not bought or reviewed in a while, that is the mighty Freya. I was approached by the wonderful online boutique Clara Olivia and asked if I wanted to review something courtesy of them. I was so delighted of the chance and opted for something I had not tried in a while. I have not worn unpadded Freya bras since my beloved 28FF Arabella so I figured it was time to give them another try…. I would prefer the bra to be completely see-through for a better look but obviously there is a reason why the double lining has been seen a necessity: Freya bras are designed with bottom-heavy breasts in mind, meaning they aim to support the lower part of breasts and give you superb uplift from the very root of the breast.
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Breast Shape Dictionary

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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Find the best bra for your shape with this need-to-know guide. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of breasts. Quite simply, no two are alike. Some women are small-busted, or full busted; some women have breasts that are two varied sizes, and some are augmented from undergoing surgery. It is also likely that over time, your breasts are going to undergo changes, just as you do.

I love these posts! This one defiitely cleared things up for me. As an aside, I tended to associate perkiness with high nipple looking upwards and thus with full on bottom boobs. Same with me, actually! I never understood why people used "full on top" as a synonym for "perky" when it feels like the opposite to me
Did you know that your breast shape can affect the type of bras that will fit you? It's a lot like dressing for your body shape. Some silhouette's don't fit on certain body shapes, and in this case, some breast shapes fit into certain bras. By knowing this little secret will help save you a lot of time when you go bra shopping and you'll be able to find that perfect fitting bra without wanting to pull your hair out.
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